Marilyn Hawkins is a practitioner of Havening Techniques.

Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st Street, New York.

Havening Techniques®

Combined Strategies

Apart from being used as a stand-alone technique Havening Techniques® may be combined with other processes, such as counselling or coaching, to offer a blended approach tailored to the client.

Coaching & Havening

Coaching can be used to set goals, or find our purpose in life, however, there are occasions when taking that first step is just too challenging, and this is where the Havening Techniques can assist in removing the internal barrier, that we may not even be fully aware is there. Once this barrier is removed we open up the possibilities of increased personal energy and focus.

Counselling & Havening

Counselling, or Talking Therapy, can be of real benefit. However, for some clients having to revisit some of life’s painful memories and talk about them presents a challenge in itself. Havening Techniques brings the benefit that the event itself does not need to be discussed with another party. It simply needs to be recalled to memory, without being vocalised, for a Havening technique to be used and at this point I am usually able to disconnect the emotion from the recalled event freeing you to move forward with the counselling process.

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